Parent Testimonials

Trophy Proud Swimming Lessons 2 year old

We started ISR lessons with my daughter when she was 2 years old. After attending a local well-known swim school, the results she saw in 6 weeks with Sheila were night and day. True swimming skills that could save her life if need be. I would highly recommend Sheila to anyone looking to equip their children with the survival skills and safety skills near water!

Floating Swimming Infant 6 months old

She has a beautiful balance of compassion and knowledge that makes her a nerdy, and lovable instructor.


Sheila is an amazing instructor.  She understands the mechanics of swimming and how it applies to the development of each child at every stage.  She somehow remembers each of my 3 children and where they are developmentally and makes recommendations and suggestions, but still asks for our input. We feel like we serve an active role in our children's acquisition of ISR skills.  I've recommended that many people check into ISR and Sheila if they are in the area.

Floating Summer Time  7 month old

I am so impressed with the ISR program and our instructor Sheila, and absolutely amazed at how quickly and well my 7-month-old has learned to float! I couldn’t be happier that we enrolled her in ISR!