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Program Schedule 

Swimming by Summer

My clients are offered their next set of lessons while in their current session, which means I book 6 months out consistently. If you are interested in more information, or know you'd like to be on the schedule within a certain time frame, reach out as soon as possible for the wait-list link! Unborn and under 6 month old babies can be added!! 

I offer private 1:1 (Child:Instructor) survival based lessons, focusing on the float, finding air, and swimming to safety. I teach in a Master Spa's Trainer, which means I can use currents to work with the fully swim skilled students on advanced skills and lead them into stroke foundations. 

Children attend Monday - Friday for 10 minutes each day, for a total of 1 hour of private instruction each week. Families receive an additional 5 minutes of poolside time per child to discuss daily lesson plan, overall goals, and ask questions. I'm available to my clients outside of lessons for discussions, questions, and guidance as well. 

My hours are 10:00 am-2:00 pm.

The weekly rate is $100 paid to the instructor. A non-refundable
deposit of your first week of lessons are required at enrollment.

Additionally, there is a one-time registration fee of $105 that covers
the cost of our medical, pediatric, and specialized staff fulfilling
this quality assurance role, paid directly to Infant Swimming Resource
30 Days prior to your start date.

Lessons average 4-6 weeks depending on child's age, mobility, medical diagnoses, previous water experiences,

and history in floatation devices. 

I teach from Labor Day to Memorial Day, giving families the Summer off to enjoy their investment into these skills.


Email for current availability & pricing. 

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