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A few of my infant students at the end of their lessons. We begin with a calm float, then slowly and gently guide them through the progression of rolling back into it. In their final week, students perform already mastered skills in a progression of clothing. 

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Sheila McCarrier

In 2012, as a new mom I wanted to find community, and connect with my baby outside of the house.

I found mom and me type swim lessons, and though it was nice to meet others & have our babies active- I felt I was paying to play in the water, and also quickly realized my child had no understanding of the risks associated with this element without me present, and was learning it was a "fun" place to seek out.

After trying out the mom and me approach, and researching water safety foundations for infants & toddlers. I discovered the

Infant Swimming Resource Program. 

We began at 8 months old - I was instantly fascinated by the process, and humbled by my sons ability to perform these skills without me. The peace of mind associated with something so dangerous was a first as a new mom.

Meanwhile, I was falling out of love with the psychology profession and how hard it was to help children within the systems. I had just left the Air Force, and was in school for psychology, with the goal of working with children, and feeling a bit conflicted about going back to work "full time 9-5". Coincidently, I had discovered this program that was child centered, psychology based, and survival focused. My son's instructor approached with the encouragement to become and instructor, and after a lot of thought, prayer, and investment, I found a new career path.     I found a way to combine my passion for Prevention and Outreach, education in child psychology, experience in family advocacy, and love of adventure. After finishing my initial certification, I began a career focused on empowering children and educating parents. I pulled from my previous profession the prevention and outreach passion, and added in that "new mom" desire to find community. Watching a child transform each day is a thrilling experience. Seeing families enjoy safe, fun Summers and vacations is rewarding. Our family focused atmosphere on deck is comforting. Hearing a student used their self-rescue skills in an otherwise traumatic or deadly event, is humbling. 

I wish that no student ever use these skills in an accident, but as the #1 accidental death of children under 4, we know accidents happen. Watching children isn't enough and impossible 24/7. We know layers of protection are critical but can fail or be broken down by quick and quiet children. The simplest misstep can put a child in the water unexpectedly. The difference in a traumatic moment, and getting right back to playing- is a trained child. 

It is my aim within to empower children with the only layer of protection they are in charge of: aquatic problem solving through an emergency. This skill along with the parent education and progression of the swim postures, allows for a foundation of life-long skills; both in and out of the water.  My love of adventure and exploring other cultures takes me around the World. That travel was what originally drew me to water safety as a priority when I realized water is everywhere, and children are drawn to it.

To this date (12 years later) this is easily the best parenting decision I ever made. 

I hope with these skills your children can navigate water safely, and as a family you will gain the same peace of mind I was blessed with. 

I look forward to meeting you, and working with your child(ren) soon!

Meet the Instructor : About

My son at 8 months old ready for his first survival based lesson.

He scuba certified at 10-11 years old, and did his first big dive at Georgia Aquarium at 12 years old.

Every time we venture around water, and especially as I watched him enter the waters with whale sharks, sea turtles, and manta ray...I have thought of THIS moment.

Where it all started, and all the wonderful family memories along the way.


Meet the Instructor : Quote

6 months, sitting up independently,

and pre-walking. 


12 months and older, walking

Meet the Instructor : Classes

I am incredibly thankful and humbled by this recognition. I could not have achieved it without each of my supporters. 
The establishment, growth, and achievements of my business in the Dayton Region have far surpassed my dreams.
I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Gem City Swim, and all the little faces and families I'll meet along the way.

Meet the Instructor : About Me

To be a part of this inaugural event was an honor.
As a parent, I recognize the massive amount of information and choices you have when choosing services for yourself, and activities for your family. Having experienced friends help guide you through their recommendations is something we can all appreciate.
THANK YOU to my clients, followers, and friends who find Gem City Swim as the Best Choice for Swimming Lessons, and continue to send their friends and family my way.

Meet the Instructor : About Me
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Gem City Swim is an indoor facility,
located within a private residence in New Carlisle, Ohio.

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